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Gamification elements offer an addictive shopping experience.

Engage with social community and enhance referrals.

What do we do?
We provide you with the gamified tools of user engagement for your online store. Gamified elements, coupons, points, leaderboards, surprise offers can multiply your online store performance. No coding is required. Talk to us to learn more about this.



Gamified elements for engaging user experience.

Increase repeat sales with fun and engagement.

3D Abstract Objects


Gamified Elements with Coupons, leaderboards and Badges.

Attractive designs to improve conversions.

3D Geometric Shapes


Gamified elements to boost social shares and user referrals.


Drive motivation for repeat purchases with Leaderboards. 

Surprise them with boosters!

3D Geometric Shapes


Marketing Dashboards


Our in-depth customizable reports.

Organize your store inventory tracking.

Unified sales performance across all online channels.


How Does it Work

Boost your online sale at

Shopify, Woocommerce Online Store

Increase you user engagement with gamified elements

Unified Online Sales Dashboards 

Warehouse Management System

Vendor Management System

Geometric Objects

Who are we? Why us?

Founded in 2017, we have rich experience in gamified user experiences and onboarding users to place their first order.

We have pioneered gamified e-commerce shopping through our platform in ecommerce and vending machines across 75,000 users and our apps are rated 4.6 on playstore and app store.


                Check more about our Founders, Prerna Singh and Nishant Misra.

We are mentored one to one by one of the top gamification Gurus and International Ted talk speakers - Yu-Kai Chou.  

Build the Proven way

Techniques in our SDKs and APIs are already used by Amazon, eBay 

New players have seen significant increase in sale to visitor ratio and time spent on websites


more spending per users


more repeat orders 


increased referrals


jump in time spent on website

Why Now?
Everyone is talking about Shopping the Gamified way!

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What People Say

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Entrepreneurs in the retail tech space are eyeing for more than online presence, there is an emerging trend of transcending the boundaries by becoming omnichannel players

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