Build a new age business

 Suite of Plug and Play Tech Solutions for Mobile First


Real Time & Data Driven 

Smart and Engaging Apps as services


Drive up your Brand Engagement, E-commerce and Unmanned retail 

Gamified user engagement 

Contactless Ordering

Offers and subscriptions

Data Driven Performance


Warehouse Management and Sales Dashboards
GReT suite of web apps for inventory management offers ecosystem of smart operations.

GReT warehouse management web application makes your warehouse easy to manage.

  • Allows end to end remote monitoring across devices

  • Barcode based shelf placement and returns management

  • Supports in smart demand driven kitting and sourcing

  • Allows FIFO, LIFO as per requirement  

GReT real time dashboards enables smart performance monitoring. 


Detail reports helps you eliminate low selling items and expand high sellers. Push new products..

We offer range of support web applications for vendor payments, orders management, Purchase orders automations.

GReT Ecosystem and Database are in the most secure and confidential cloud environment that is 24X7 available and reliable infrastructure. 


Subscription based services. 


No mobile app installation needed! 

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Smart Vending Machines and MicroMarkets
GreT Kiosks and Mobile Apps are complete e-commerce experience for your unmanned kiosks.
More stickiness and more sales!!!

GReT vending machines and micromarkets, are light in heavy machinery and high on performance. In ready apps,, users can browse and view product details remotely,  order multiple products,  make cashless payments, and get smart personalised offers.


Offer Contactless and Cashless experience today!  

GReT Mobile apps lets users buy directly from their mobile phones.

You can use  GReT eccomerce apps (saas) designed for the tablets on your store to offer instore browsing and online purchasing experience. 

Language customisations also available.

Mobile apps are convenient for users and results in increase in orders per day at your kiosks. Gamified triggers offers immersive experience helping you increase your Kiosks repeat usage.

We also offer plug n play Ecom Box for traditional vending machine to convert  to app based vending kiosk.


About Us


We are retailer ourselves operating hundreds of app based kiosks in India as "GruBox" and we solved our challenges using tech.


It helped us solve real time monitoring and making tech driven smart decisions.


We are team of young IIT Kanpur engineers who believe that automation makes us future ready.

That is why GReT is important. Mobile Apps takes user engagement to next level. 

- because our efficiency drives the happiness of our users.


It has been used by GruBox and partners for over 3 years now.

Automation helps control over stocking and stock outs.  It is an online platform, so no need to install.

GReT has simplified our operations management by providing us real time updates and planning.

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