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AI driven warehouse management system

E-commerce apps and websites makes 

Apps for Vending Machines

Cloud Integrations

Connect all your offline vending machines and micromarkets to cloud.

Connect with cloud warehouse management systems, prekitting softwares and a world full of online softwares.

Touchless Vending 

Connected vending and check out free kiosks are the future. Get guaranteed boost to your sales with smart and engaging E-commerce Apps.


Home Delivery is here to stay

Ecommerce Website or Mobile apps lets users buy touch lessly using their mobile phones from your online store.

Mobile apps are proven to result in increased user loyalty. You can offer subscriptions and discount offers on orders.

Ecommerce offers competitive advantage

Users can browse and view product remotely,  check product details, user reviews, ingredients, order history,  make cashless payments, and get smart personalised offers. Enjoy high repeat purchase rates with our tech.

Touchless Vending and Self check-out Kiosks

Touchless ecommerce vending machines are light and convenient for users. Convert any commercial fridge into self checkout store with our technology.

We offer most durable and low maintenance vending machines. 

Touchless Vending with Ecom BoxTM

Ecom Box is our integration device for traditional vending machines to connect to the online world. With Ecom Box, you can connect your vending machine to an online website or to Getretailtech cloud ecosystem. You can now accept orders and make payments online in a touchless and contactless way.

You may also avail our range of softwares. With this, you can connect it to our cloud softwares as service ecosystem.  

Ecommerce Apps and Kiosks

AI Driven Cloud Softwares as Service

Web apps for warehouse management offers ecosystem of smart retail store. Handle offline and online from same warehouse management system.

Pre-kitting and inventory management  makes your warehouse easy to manage.

  • Allows end to end remote monitoring across devices

  • Barcode based shelf placement and returns management

  • Supports in smart demand driven kitting and sourcing

  • Allows FIFO, LIFO as per requirement  

  • AI/ML driven pre-kitting to minimise costs

  • Smart plans for sourcing inventory with customised lead time and desired inventory days (pre program your warehouse!)

  • Includes vendor management with PO generation and payments tracking sheet