Ecom Box is a big advantage for vending machine operators

Connects vending machine to cloud. Use single unified app for your different vending machines.

We offer great discounts for Vending Machine Manufacturers driven integration.

TCN Vending Machine with EcomBox

GruBox Machine with EcomBox



Allows you use our entire ecosystem of softwares across different make vending machines (USA, China and Italian made).

Enables servicing vending users safely during the testing times. It is easy to plug in and affordable solution for your vending machines.

Smart  & Cashless

Ordering from Website or mobile app 


Now possible with our integration devices for traditional vending machines.

  • Increased profits from vending machines with digital interactivity

  • Sell more from same machine - Upto 100% jump in sales

  • Faster buying than old mechanisms

  • Smooth user experience and automated refunds

  • Enables multiple products in single order

  • Accept online complete range of payment options such as credit / debit cards, internet banking and wallets such as Google pay,  Apple Pay without card reader machines.



Earn Marketing Revenue

  • Operators can now know their users

  • Earn digital ads revenue 

  • Orders and payment history

  • Send promotional notification to users

  • Show creatives and explainer videos

  • Offers and get subscriptions

  • Show product details - multiple product images, ingredients, nutrition information and manufacturing dates (optional)

Solution comes with ready integrations for Ad revenue from google and other leading ad networks.

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