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Your brand needs to be close and interactive for your users. Mobile apps and Web apps are great way of taking care of your loyal users. Mobile apps allows users to explore details about your products such as how they are made and what is special about them. Online engagement is a great way to organically increase customer loyalty and improve your offering. 

Mobile Apps


Complete online ordering experience.  Browse, show banners and show detail product information - Expiry,  Product Details, and How to use Information


Swipe to place the order and get delivered your products easily. Auto deducts from linked wallet or cards.

Pay Online

Credit card, debit cards, pay through internet banking, apple pay, amazon pay, google pay, American Express cards. Customised as per country.

Ecommerce Website
Products Listing
Easily single click product list upload

Online Store is one step closer towards the digital transformation of the new age brands.

Few Features 

- Product listing

- Product Details pages or hover

- Multiple product images

- Pop up offers

- Banners for offers

- Banners for new products

- Notifications and sales dashboard

Explore and Engage
Build forums and blogs

Brands can engage and communicate in many ways increasing the touch points.

Discuss products, latest trends and gather great insights and feedbacks.

Offers and promotions to catch attention of demanding users

Stories to engage and grow mind share

Multiple Options Online

Make available convenient payment options to your users. Easy refunds and unified dashboard for tracking your sales through different options.

Kiosk level tracking

Internal Wallets

Pre and post payments

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