Going for a Walk

The Ecommerce way

Smart phones are integral part of life. 

Startups are adopting omni channel and direct to consumer to grow exponentially and offer modern and convenient brand engagement.

Own a mobile app to offer uninterrupted access to your loyal users. It can affordable and fast.

Sell on your own Mobile app

Website and mobile apps for ecommerce or direct brand engagement with its audience.

We specialise in ecommerce app with human focused design and gamification based engagement . 

KNow your users

Mobile apps equip Brand with access to user insights and their preferences.

Sales Dashboards for detail understanding of spending, product preference and get feedbacks for new products

Branded Vending Machines

Get noticed with 'Exclusive' presence with branded vending machines in  high footfall locations.

Best for placement at malls, retail stores, colleges and out of home locations