GRET SMART Vending machines

GRET Touchless Vending Machines

Latest app based vending technology

Engage Users & Improve Performance


World's Lightest Vending Hardware

Mobile based Contactless Ordering

Cloud Inventory Management

End to End Solution

Made in India

Mobile First

Product Details

Standard Size of Kiosks: 7 Ft X 2.7 Ft X 2.5 Ft

Glass Only Machines

Weight : 200-250 Kg


Comes with App Operated Technology and Ready Mobile Apps for your users.


Product Image and details browsing, ordering and payments as per country.  Attractive interface.

Comes with Vending machine management software 1 year Subscription free. 


Designs: Micro markets (grab n go model) , conveyor belt , Spirals based. As per requirement. 

Temperature: Refrigerated (2-8 dec C) or Frozen


Trays: 5-6 , Types of products: 30-50 depending on size of packets.


Fresh Food Handling Included. Products details and expiry.

Healthy Food: Show nutrition info and calories tracking, in-app personalisations.

Customisations on chargeable basis.

GruBox App Only machines.jpg


Offers completely cashless and contactless  buy from Vending Machines. Designed for smartphone friendly users.

GRET Kiosks are mobile app and website based interactive. It's smooth user experience increases order value and gets more repeat users.

Suitable for snacks, drinks and personal care products assortment. Deploy across offices, colleges and retail stores.

This is the most affordable solution for placing great variety.

GRET Fresh Kiosks with bg.jpg


Best Suited for Fresh food vending. Comes with Mobile Apps or e-commerce website for ordering, allows you offer great user experience for fresh food vending. 

Show date of manufacturing and expiry. Mobile App users can receive notifications for filling fresh food. Get real time expiry alerts.  


Offers automatic user protection by disabling sales of near expiry products.

Conveyor elevator mechanism is suitable for maintaining soft texture of fresh food.

GRET Grab n go fridge with bg.jpg


Gret Grab n Go Kiosks or micro markets are great for the premium and super users. Offers users to touch and feel before making a purchase. Designed for captive locations such as offices and luxury housing societies.

Best suited for variety of food such as fresh food, grocery and beverages. Accommodates fruits and vegetables, personal care, variable pack size products.

Gret micromarkets are app/e-commerce website  based so you can offer multiple payment options without expensive cashless devices.