Stocflo - Warehouse Management Software as service

Designed for Retailers, ecommerce players and wholesalers.
Enables Remote Monitoring of Stocks
Multiple devices remote access and realtime updated
Demand driven inventory planning analytics
Real time alerts Dashboards and Alerts
Easy to track and manage!

Simplify processes

Easily monitor and control your inventory

Use our inventory management web app to simplify reporting of your processes and streamlines operations.
Remotely monitor stocks at city, warehouse, subwarehouse , store levels as per your preference.
Inward, outward reporting
Shelf Placements
Remote tracking of inventory
Bar code scanning
Manufacturing dates and expiry tracking
Easily locate stocks in warehouse 
Stock out alerts
Lead time based alerts
Follow FIFO, LIFO etc principle as per preference

Planning Automation

Automated plans helps you buy as per demand - kitting
Orders packing and dispatches management
In built analytics help optimize your inventory turn over as per your needs.
Reduce stock out by upto 95%. 
Single click entry inwards
Faster outwards for lower management costs
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