How to Run a Vending Business

Updated: Feb 1

Vending business is flexible and allows experimentation at low costs. No dress code is needed. No more daunting with the boss. Isn't it nice? Doesn't mean its effortless. It needs lot of discipline and consumer focus.

Keep you eyes and ears open for feedback, keep the products of choice of your users. This is the most important requirement. Quality and healthy options are liked by users now a days.

  1. For a snack and beverage kiosk, fill about 20-40 types of items for good variety, as per your kiosk size. Buy from nearest wholesale market or from brand appointed distributors (for >20 vending machines or micro market kiosk).

  2. Keep stocks in a safe and clean place. Keep a bag for transfers of stock from store to vending machine/ micro market.

  3. You will need 15-20 min to fill the stocks inside the machine. Commute time is extra.

  4. Ensure your kiosk is in good visible clean locations. Users should not be in a rush at this location. Ideally a hangout location where they can chat with other people and grab a quick snack or chocolate.

  5. Keep your kiosk clean and tidy. Shiny vending machines always attract more users and attention.

  6. Finally, spend some time on your sales data to improve. Now a days cloud enabled tech can be used to run your kiosks efficiently. ( does help in these) It is affordable even if you have less that 5 micromakets or vending machines. Choose a lowest plan and use it till you see value. There are no lock ins. Cloud softwares are usually on one of the US tech giants such as google cloud, amazon or microsoft cloud for good performance.

Finally, it is good to spend some time at location to know it more. Some people even think, running a vending machine can teach one a lot, specially how to run a small business.

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