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Why buy vending machine?

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

World is shifting to connected vending machines. What makes them exciting? Millennials and Gen x are looking for extreme and exciting experiences and vending machines can offer much more then snacks.

Cash vending machines have been there for a while. USA, Japan and Europe, vending machines are for every one. They were known for buying soda, chips and candies. But vending machines have evolved with time. Around 2014 vending machines began changing to offer healthier food. Low calories options, fresh food, nutrition rich bars and juices.

Lot of start ups came up around 2016-17 across the World to modernise the vending experience - micro markets, computer vision based unmanned retail and other IoT technologies. This has led to a new wave of discussions on the unmanned retail.

Innovative technologies and product mix allows vending machines to offer exciting experiences to technology lovers. Innovation in models and technology has made it democratic and interactive. Over 5 million of the 15 million vending machines are connected to internet now, but there is still lot more to be done about the user experience. Apps are one big way of doing this.

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