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Starting a vending business in Asia

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Asia is different. It has scope of new and innovative technologies.

Unlike the saturated markets in developed parts of the World, Asia is getting itself all new kiosks.

With Millennials and Gen X getting so much exposure to the mobile technologies, vending machines are getting the make over. The trends are so obvious that the new entrants and the veterans are looking at their options very carefully to make the technology leap.

Software as service

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Software as service is still not an option for this industry. When Gret team wrote to Capterra to list their software along with other Saas companies of the World, they refused. This is what they said "We currently do not have a directory specific enough for your product. We continue to add new directories as demand grows and will reach out once a suitable directory is created."

Yes, there are no Saas options for vending machines Industry even though there are 5 million vending machines in the World.

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